Beach Sunset

“Beach Sunset.” 12″ x 16″ Stretched Canvas.

Another beach scene, which makes my wife very happy.


Mountain Sunset

Mountain Sunset. 18″ x 24″ Stretched Canvas. $100 plus shipping.

The basic composition is based on a painting by Bill Alexander called “Steel Lake.” Alexander’s painting, however, was monochrome; mine is in color. While I was painting it, I thought a lot about one of my cousins who loves to hunt. He’s been everywhere, it seems, and I could see him in those hills hunting deer. It was a good thought to have while painting this one.

Palm Trees

Palm Trees
Palm Trees. 12 x 16 Stretched Canvas. $50 plus shipping

I love the ocean. It makes me think of God’s nature: ever-expansive, unlimited, eternal. It makes me ponder God’s all-embracing mercy: our sins are like a drop consumed by His love. Not sure this particular seascape says all of that, but I like it — especially the two birds flying in the wind.