River Falls

River Falls
River Falls. 16″ x 20″ Stretched Canvas.

“River Falls” — my newest painting.

I recently finished an online workshop and used all my newly acquired skills to develop and paint this original composition.


Mountain Sunset

Mountain Sunset. 18″ x 24″ Stretched Canvas. $100 plus shipping.

The basic composition is based on a painting by Bill Alexander called “Steel Lake.” Alexander’s painting, however, was monochrome; mine is in color. While I was painting it, I thought a lot about one of my cousins who loves to hunt. He’s been everywhere, it seems, and I could see him in those hills hunting deer. It was a good thought to have while painting this one.

Pastel Mountains

Pastel Mountains. 12″ x 16″ Stretched Canvas. $50 plus shipping.

I designed and painted this mountain scene based upon (1) the landscaping laws I was studying in the Alexander Art Master Class and (2) an introductory painting that focused on using a limited palette: red, yellow, and blue (though I added green to the palette for this painting).

Up until this painting, everything I had done had been based upon other artists’s compositions. That’s not only necessary during when you’re just beginning, but it’s absolutely essential to the learning process; all great painters learned to paint by copying the work of master painters. But “Pastel Mountains” is an original composition — my first. It turned out far better than I anticipated. I hope you enjoy it.