Artistic Statement

Landscapes inspire me. Like a good novel, they transport us to another place, to another season, to another realm. They take us from our everyday life and remind us that the world is vastly more beautiful and dynamic than we often realize. And those landscapes that focus our attention on the wonders of nature often have the power to remind us that the beauty of creation is possible only because the Creator Himself is Beauty Itself (Wisdom 13:5).

At this early stage in my artistic journey, my primary focus is on mastering technique. This means I study the art of oil painting mostly by copying the work of other artists. But my goal is not to paint a perfect reproduction. Rather, it’s to experiment within a set of predefined parameters, to find the freedom of expression within the restriction of form. I hope that by studying from within the work of solid masters, I will master the essential laws of landscape paintings, which I can then apply to my own original work.